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Faust biomass-boilers

Faust produce automatic and manual biomass boilers for straw, tree trunks/logs, wood pellets and wood chips. Faust also produce augers, rotary valves, spring feeders, hydraulic walking floor systems, straw rakes and handling cranes to ensure the correct operation of our boilers. For the flue gas line we produce convection tubes, cyclones, multi-cyclones, filters, flue gas coolers, and steel chimneys. Faust also design and build the essential control systems and install these on the boilers for the Security management and surveillance of the appliance.

Faust has a high degree of self production, this ensures the highest quality in all of our products. Optimal component adaptations, means the overall performance of the plant is balanced and fully adapted to the output, this primarily results in less fuel and electricity consumption, but also improves the appliance endurance and life expectancy in general, this offers our customers big advantages.

Optimum economy for firing depends on quality

Here at Faust we like to talk about technology and encourage our customers to take part too. This is where Faust stands ahead of the competition. Faust biomass boilers are perhaps the most advanced boilers in their field.

At Faust, we are proud of our craftsmanship and to us, a biomass boiler is not a prefabricated industrial product, but an individualised solution that will last for many years. This is evidenced on the fuel and energy saving capability of our products.

Faust – leading advanced technology

  • Straw-fired-boilers
  • Automatic control for straw-fired-boilers
  • Automatic stokers

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