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Who are Faust?

Security through development

Faust LLC is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in producing straw-fired-boilers and biofuel-boilers. The company started with the agriculture sector as the primary segment and were first movers on firing big bales which today has the same coefficient of utilization as a fully automatic straw-fired-boiler. Through a continuous and controlled development Faust has gained a powerful position in this market and now deliver in both Denmark, Norway, Sweden and England.

Faust is very focused on counselling and both simple and secure operation. All products by Faust are first based on an extensive analysis of the customer’s needs and future options for installation, the boilers are then produced fit for purpose. To achieve the optimal security for the installation, it is always a Faust engineer that connects the plant. The plant is generally ready for operation within four to five hours after delivery.

Throughout the years Faust has experienced an increasing demand for biofuel plants from both the agriculture as the industry sector. They have noticed the great advantages with biofuel – economically and environmentally. We at Faust saw the need right from the beginning and we are ready to deliver biofuel plants of the absolute best quality. We operate under the DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas) to fulfil the requirements/standards of the European pressure equipment directive (PED)

As something new, Faust has started to produce pressure tanks. These require additional safety procedures and therefore every plant is tested and certified by the Danish Working Environment Authority.

Faust believes in quality rather than cheap solutions and that concept has lasted over 30 years. We are aware of our responsibility as a serious supplier and we do not leave the customer before the job is done.

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