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Faust Bio-flow II wood-chip and wood-pellet-boilers

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Faust Bio-flow II wood-chip and wood-pellet-boilers

Faust Bio-flow Ⅱ boilers are automatic biomass boilers from 130 kW to 1500 kW.

Bio-flow Ⅱ 130 kW to 1500 kW are a unique series of biomass boilers and in spite of their retro look, is the world’s most advanced boiler in its class.

With the Bio-Flow II series you get

A boiler that can be installed as an open expansion system, working pressure or as     an open unaccented system.

  • Complete water-cooled boiler. Gate and stoker pipes are water-cooled as well.
  • A moveable step grate made in heat resistant cast steel with a large area, which makes it possible to out burn even the slowest burning fuels.
  • Three independent primary zones and secondary zones of air.
  • Dynamic air addition in the three primary and secondary zones which adapts to fuel and performance.
  • Optional alignment of the boiler with ceramic stones for both wet and dry fuels (wet and dry boiler in one and the same boiler).
  • Frequency controlled flue gas fan for adjustment of the pressure in the boiler.
  • Automatic starting time and optional on/off for summer operation. The system can manage both modulating operations with glow bed firing and start/stop with a accumulation tank. The accumulation tank-system is also very applicable for operations for continues dryer.
  • Pneumatic dust blasting of the convection tubes with controlled and monitored compressor on the boiler.
  • A cinder system with cinder-augers and containers that manage even the most troublesome cinder.
  • Multi cyclones which can lead the cinder to the container or through a rotary valve to other cinder systems.
  • Faust “Black Magic” control, which is an incorporated part of the boiler connected to the internet and allows you to monitor through our SMS-service.

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